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19 Sep '16


The joys of a blog, is it's an awesome way to just be honest.

   On July 1st, 2016, amidst a prayer I asked God "What is it that you want from me? What more can I do?" I got back "I want you to help more." How can I help more? "With your candles." Ummmmm...Ok. 
I have always wanted to work with a charity a month on another project, so I figured this was my opportunity to do so. Seeing that this occurred on the first of the month, I decided to contribute proceeds to one charity per month using my candles. I decided to start with the Boys & Girls Club of South Beach. Living in the Bahamas, I would spend summers in Miami with my cousins we would spend time at the Boys & Girls Club Miami. The experience was fun and unforgettable, that my first opportunity to give back, I wanted to start there.
For the month of July, we campaigned and promoted #GoBlueInJuly and #GoPinkInJuly to be able to provide summer classes for 90 kids at the new facilities of Boys & Girls Club South Beach. Most of our supporters ended up siding more with #GoPinkInJuly!

   In the first week of August, we paid a visit to the South Beach facilities for a tour, and to drop off our contribution and a few candles for new place. The South Beach location provides facilities for almost 190 kids during the summer. And then after care programs during the school semester. They do have some of the same programs and structure that the Miami location had for me some (undisclosed) years ago. =) The Boys & Girls Club South Beach is definitely a huge asset to the local community and I am beyond proud that this was my first contribution on behalf of 1-800 Candles.net.

   We do hope to make more, and give more next year. And can not wait until July 2017 to do it again. Our next charitable organization has been lined up, and the experience, and being able to help, from the first one was so inspiring that we can not wait to help more. 
Do check out the pictures and video below; and stay tuned to our Instagram pages for instant updates!

#1800Candles #BoysAndGirlsClub #BoysAndGirlsClubSouthBeach #GoPinkInJuly






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